Save Money on Maintenance Costs – Buy a Reliable Vehicle

Posted on Jan 12, 2013

Vehicle MaintenanceA car, whether old or new, comes with a lot of added expenditures other than the main slit that it is going to make in your pocket. These added expenditures are its overall maintenance costs. But did you know that you can considerably cut down on those maintenance costs if you decide to purchase a reliable vehicle?

What is a Reliable Vehicle?

A reliable vehicle is of course one that you can depend on and not something that would stir up troubles for you unexpectedly. A reliable vehicle is one that is going to give you optimum performance with a bit of regular and periodic care. No matter how old it gets in its number of years, you can still vouch for its premium performance for many more years to come under the same care.

A truly reliable vehicle is technically and physically sound. You can undoubtedly expect that it’s made from durable materials having just the perfect body weight that would aid in its fuel consumption and economy. This kind of vehicle is loaded with safety features that not only provides you protection (of course) and ease of handling but will also have bearing on bringing down your insurance costs considerably. One of the most important safety features in your car is the windshield.

Having lots of safety features means that there are comparatively less chances of your car getting stolen or damaged and/or you getting accidentally hurt which leads to little to none incurred medical charges. The insurance companies therefore can take the risk of selling you a car insurance policy (which is a compulsory purchase by the way, if you live in the States and have a vehicle) with very low premium.
So now you know how a vehicle can be reliable – reliable in its body, performance and fuel efficiency. Of course every prospective buyer (and that goes mainly for male buyers), who is searching for a car to keep for some years to come, will also want to add the feature of physical beauty and appeal of the car to his buying wish list; but is it really an important aspect to be looked in a car? Although it has considerable weight, you really cannot prioritize it over the constant costs that are attached to a vehicle.

Some Reliable Vehicles in America Today

Strangely, yet not without truth, most of the reliable vehicles that you will witness around you, living in the United States, are not American by make or origin. Many of these come from oceans across like Toyota, Lexus, Honda (Japanese), and Hyundai (South Korea). These are few of the top ranking reliable family vehicle brands according to the latest statistics.

The Camry, Prius and Corolla from Toyota and the Civic and CR-V of Honda really are the top selling cars of today in the world over, especially in the United States. Their sales figures are based on reliability, performance, fuel efficiency and safety features. At the end of the day, it is really those things and low maintenance costs that become the priority of every vehicle buyer. Even if you purchase one of the vehicles as a second owner, you can vouch for its smooth and trouble free performance and life.

Expected Maintenance Costs

Brake PadsAs mentioned earlier, with a car, there is not the initial cost of purchase alone that has to be dealt with. There are many other things that follow afterwards shortly and these are the periodic or regular maintenance costs. Here lies the difference between buying a reliable and a non-reliable vehicle.
Every car needs to go through a periodic check-up and maintenance survey in order to ensure that no accumulated large cost will later be incurred on the owner. These include the service of brake pads, review of the common auto maintenance procedure of wheel alignment, service and maintenance of the transmission box, motor oil check etc. with other non-luxury brands and those that are not included in the list above, you can easily expect many extra charges which you can easily do without when you deal with reliable vehicles.

Automatic Transmission

Buying a car only because it looks good or because it has been advertised a lot since it is a local brand, is not a wise thing to do. Cars that are produced with engines that are not meant to last or are produced with inferior material are bound to give lots of problems. There are several maintenance procedures that are required on a frequent basis and are expenses that can really add up. These include an oil change and brake pad replacement cost. The reliable brands look into every minute aspect during production. They come with auto window tinting, an immaculate car paint job (averages & estimates) and you can save your oil change coupons for those few and infrequent visits for oil change. The reliable vehicles are hot selling items in the automotive market. You should not have any trouble with financing a new car either. If you do think you are unable to come up with the financing, you can expect a good resale price that is not going to set you further back in your savings.

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Growth in Financial Job Markets Thanks to Economy

Posted on Dec 28, 2012

Canadian Finance Sector ProfessionalsAfter a drop of more than 30,000 jobs in Canada in July this year, close to 34,300 Canadians have found jobs in August which is a welcome positive change. Bank reforms that are being made in the country have helped contribute to the economic growth which in turn has helped create jobs in various sectors and the financial sector is one of them. So if you are a finance guy looking out for a job, this time around you might just get lucky as there are plenty of options now available in the financial job markets.
These days finance jobs don’t necessarily mean a job in the bank. There are different types of jobs available ranging from insurance agents to financial advisors to bookkeepers. It looks like finally the business houses are beefing up their corporate finance teams. So if you concentrate your search on the areas where there is job growth and the sectors within the economy with maximum job growth you will be able to find jobs offering you good packages and amenities.

Even if you are looking out for roles in traditional areas such as accounting or auditing, you are sure to find good jobs as with the new regulations and reforms coming in the companies need qualified professionals in these areas to help them through. Given below are some of the jobs available in the financial sector for interested individuals.

Bookkeeper roles are likely to be in demand. A bookkeeper is entirely responsible for maintaining financial data records of a company accurately and this comprises of data regarding purchases, sales, incomes as well as payments. Bookkeepers have to work closely with accountants as accountants are responsible for creating financial statements using the information recorded by bookkeepers. So bookkeepers eventually can grow into the role of accountants.

Business administration roles are also quite in demand in numerous business houses . This role requires the individual to have knowledge on topics such as marketing, finance, organizational behavior, accounting and more as a business administrator will be required to preside over the daily operations in a company.
The insurance industry too is benefiting from these changes done to boost the economy. Not only is the industry gearing up for increase in independent insurance sales agent careers but they are all set to see a growth in their revenues too. Insurance agents act as a link between the customers and the insurance company. For this job, it is very important that insurance agents stay abreast of all the changes happening in the financial sector as this does impact the insurance industry too. An agent will also have to know about the different products offered by different companies, deal with renewals, collect premiums as well as advise clients about retirement planning. Tip of the day: find out what the average retirement savings are in the US for your age group.

Investment Banking roles too are available in plenty these days. An investment banker manages corporate, financial as well as strategic opportunities. Find out what the required education and certifications are if you’re interested. An investment banker will have to manage investments as well as raising funds for corporate houses. He or she would also have to manage privatizations, lending, issuing shares and bonds, mergers and acquisitions as well as oversee initial public offerings. They would have to research the market conditions and update themselves with the developments happening in the market regularly and liaise with professionals as well as present financial solutions and identify new business opportunities.

Stock broker opportunities are also available in the market. This site, StockBrokerSalaryData says that stock brokers are individuals who are associated with either a broker dealer or brokerage firms who sell and buy shares and other securities for institutional as well as retail clients. As they have to execute trades as well as advise clients on investment options taking into consideration the market information, stock brokers have to always stay abreast of any and all changes happening in the financial industry.

The demand for professional financial advisors too is on the rise as more and more people want advice on various financial matters on how to utilize their money in the best possible way. A personal financial advisor salary is typically in the range of $62,000 to $68,000 a year. Apart from investments, financial advisors also help their clients with retirement planning. While some of them specialize in a particular type of product, others might dapple with a broader range of products.

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In-Demand Engineering and Technical Careers

Posted on Dec 20, 2012

Nowadays, steady work can be hard to find, but did you know that there are still some dependable careers out there? Provided you get yourself the appropriate training, you can set yourself up for a lifetime of reliable employment. In this article we are going to take a look at six dependable technical careers.

1. Diesel mechanic

Diesel Mechanics at WorkDid you ever stop to think about how essential diesel engines are? First of all, let’s consider the fact that more or less all the products we consume are manufactured in China. The question is how do the goods get here? Of course, they are transported from China by ship, but what happens after the goods get unloaded at the docks? The answer is that we depend on a fleet of giant trucks to distribute all kinds of goods around the country to warehouses and stores everywhere. These trucks are inevitably powered by diesel engines. Learn more about the work of a diesel mechanic at Diesel Mechanic Salary Data.

Naturally, qualified personnel are always required to repair and service the huge numbers of commercial vehicles in operation. The same goes for public transit vehicles and railway trains, which also depend on diesel power. Essentially, servicing and repairing diesel engines is a vital part of the economy, but it requires know-how. It is not like tinkering with an old jalopy in the garage. You have to know your stuff, but once you train to be a diesel mechanic you can look forward to a profitable, dependable career.

2. Truck driver

Just as mechanics are always in demand to service diesel vehicles, you cannot overlook the need for truck drivers. A truck driver is not so skilled a worker as a diesel mechanic, but it still takes expertise to handle one of these monsters. You can’t just walk into a truck driving job. You have to get the necessary training, and only after you have done so will the authorities let you loose on the highway behind the wheel of a big truck. Nevertheless, the fact is that there is always a need for truck drivers, so if you fancy being one you should look into getting the required training. has a comprehensive overview of the career.

3. Electrical engineer

If you think about it, electrical systems are at the heart of the economy. Basically, nothing in the modern world would function without electrical systems. Therefore, the design and maintenance of these complex systems is a high priority indeed. Being an electrical engineer is not the same as being an electrician. Whereas a domestic electrician works with small-scale electrical problems, an electrical engineer’s concern is with the larger systems as well as all kinds of sophisticated electrical machinery. As such, being an electrical engineer requires a solid educational background. In fact, to stand a decent chance of employment as an electrical engineer, you will require a degree in the subject. Electrical engineer salary statistics can be found at

Engineers at Work on Site

4. Engineering educator

As we have already seen, there is a big demand for suitably trained engineering personnel of one kind or another. Given that advanced training is a prerequisite for employment in such positions, it follows that there is also a demand for the people to supply prospective workers with that training. Of course, teaching is a discipline itself, so to become an engineering teacher you will require not only a degree in an engineering-related subject but also a suitable teaching qualification. They more often than not encourage their students to take part in one of the school co-op programs. It’s a hard road to travel, but with the jobs market so volatile it is safe to say that the demand for vocational-based trainers and educators has never been higher than it is today.

5. Automotive engineer

Rightly or wrongly, the automobile is central to lifestyles in modern western countries. Millions of citizens choose autos as their preferred method of personal transportation. Despite the fact that modern motor cars are considerably more reliable than those of the past, they inevitably develop mechanical faults sooner or later. That means being an automotive engineer never goes out of style. While it is a job that requires less educational training than some careers, you still have to get the right training to become an automotive engineer, because repairing autos in an efficient manner cannot be left to chance. Lives and livelihoods both depend upon it. Top Automotive Engineering Schools lists the best colleges and universities that offer automotive engineering programs.

6. Graphic designer

The graphic designer is the wildcard in our pack of six. Whereas all the occupations mentioned previously are founded on supplying or servicing the basic infrastructure of a technology-based society, the graphic designer is concerned with appearances. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that graphic designers are highly essential. Professionally designed advertising is ubiquitous in the western world, and corporations depend on it to get ahead of their competitors. Graphic designers are also vital for the production of magazines, books, websites, and many other things. It is fair to say that there are more people who would like to be graphic designers than there are vacancies, but this makes it all the more important to get the right training if you want to get into the field of graphic design. Read more about what they do at

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What We Pay for Self and Home Improvements

Posted on Dec 14, 2012

ROI of Self and Home ImprovementsIt’s staggering how quickly money leaves our pockets – it’s almost as if paychecks have a way of spending themselves long before they make their way to the bank. And, in a sense, they do: With expenses like electrical, water, and heating bills, mortgage and rent dues, and other such necessities, your money is really all that’s left after everyone else has taken their cut. But even after the bills get paid, it seems like there are things you just have to spend on that seem to drain your wallet faster than a marathon runner would a water bottle. When you sit and look at the numbers, the amount we spend on self and home improvement becomes clear, and shocking. It’s clear that people often spend on such things out of both a sense of social obligation and vanity, but sometimes, their reasoning is much more sober. Here, we’re breaking down some of the more common expenses in the realms of home improvement and self improvement to try to get to the bottom as to why people do what they do, and what the benefits of these purchases can be.

A Not-So-Humble Abode

The desire to improve one’s home is a perpetual one. In fact, it’s probably not even fair to call it desire. Drive seems to do a better job. For a lot of people, it really is as simple as that: They just want to make things look better because… Well, because then it’ll look better. Additions like granite countertops, a fully remodeled kitchen, vinyl siding styles, solar panels and green solutions, and the like can make things much prettier and much, much fancier – just what someone interested in having the hottest home on the block would want.

But all that said, there are some excellent reasons to shell out big bucks for home improvements of the sort listed above. Granite countertops add quite a bit to home equity if you’re upgrading from a standard vinyl buffet-and-counter setup, for instance. The aesthetics are better, as is the functionality: Granite can take a beating and keep on kicking, so to speak, and it looks darn good while it does it.

HouseSimilarly, a kitchen with a fancy oven and stove combination with features such as timed burning, minute, computer-controlled regulation of temperatures, and space-optimized designs can add up to a hundred thousand dollars to a home’s value (yes, you read that right – $100,000) at an average cost of $30,325. Vinyl siding outside makes your home easier to sell by making its aesthetics more pleasing; and green modifications such as solar panel installation to save on electricity not only offer huge savings to whoever’s living in the home, but also do wonders to up resale value for both economical reasons and marketing ones: Green homes are a huge deal these days thanks to financial incentive programs and for good reasons. Taking advantage of their hype and efficiency has sold many a high-ticket home in recent days.

Buying a Body

Just as home improvements can be inspired purely by vanity, so too can such self-improvements as dental implants, tans, and mole removals. But, again, there’s more often than not some quite sober logic behind biting the bullet and fronting the expense. Dental implants, for instance, are more commonly health related than cosmetic: Most people who go through the trouble aren’t doing so for better looks, but because they’re replacing teeth with rotted cores. See the benefits, risks and alternatives of implants. Mole removal, similarly, is often cosmetic – how many times have you heard someone complain about a harmless mole they want gone just because they don’t like the way it looks? – but is also commonly a safety consideration (cancerous moles signs), as moles can become cancerous under the right conditions. The most common health-related self-improvement expense, though, is optical work. Glasses, LASIK surgery, and contact fitting cost people a huge amount of cash every year, but it’s hard to argue that this is for anything but health. For example, the average vision exam price is around $60. Sure, choosing contacts instead of glasses for looks might count – but then again, most people probably wouldn’t be making that choice if looks were the only consideration if they couldn’t see otherwise. Just as with work on the home, it can be easy to forget that most of what we spend on self-improvement is, really, quite legitimate – so most of the time, it pays not to fret about what’s being spent on home and self improvement. Chances are it’s well worth it.

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Health-Related Occupation Growth Due to US Health Care Reform

Posted on Dec 6, 2012

It is difficult to measure the growth in health care that is specifically due to US health care reform, but it is affecting the way people look at the health care professions. The decision to enter certain types of health care is greatly changed by the potential income, the amount of debt and work requirements. Being a doctor will not be as lucrative under the new US health care system and in many ways does not justify the debt one would incur to do so. This opens up many questions for those who always considered this a career path and pushes some people towards other options.

Assistant Positions

Many people are moving toward the “assistant” positions to avoid the drastic change in pay. This includes physical therapist, licensed vocation nurse, massage therapy and even dental hygienist ( has all the salary and career information you’ll need). You can get through school much more quickly, and you end up spending much less money to complete school. This gets you working faster, and you don’t have debt hanging over your head. You can live on much less money and plan accordingly. On the LVN track, people are often finding a way to make money now so they can continue on in school. It helps to reduce the debt and still advance your career down the road. Find more career information at

Massage and Physical Therapy

These are two growing professions due to US health care reform that have to do with the basic changes the new system is putting into place. The truth is that the focus of health care is changing to be more preventative, not just reactionary. This means that physical therapy and massage therapy are being prescribed more to help people stay healthy and keep them from needing costly intervention down the road. Feel free to learn more here, PTSD. This change in perspective is excellent for the bottom line of health care costs but also for the patients. Fixing things before they go wrong, just like with a car, is way less time-consuming and costly than trying to piece things back together again. The recovery times are less, and patients can stay healthy while they fix what ails them, it does not make them bed-ridden or hurt their system the way that surgery often does. See this page for massage therapist salary statistics.

Massage Therapist at Work

Health Information Technology

This has been an ever growing field ever since computers came into play with computerized health care records. While there are still paper charts and copies that are filed, the new way of passing information from doctor to doctor and doctor to nurse is computerized reporting systems. Health Information Technologists earn an average of $35,920 per year and must learn the system and help verify that all the pertinent information is included in the chart. They are in charge of ensuring that certain areas are password protected, and that charts are copied for patients once the proper release is signed. All of these rules and regulations are very important in order for the hospital to abide by the strict information privacy acts in place. This is the first line of defense against costly lawsuits that can ruin a hospital’s reputation and even put them out of business.

Sustainability of Growth

The growth in the health-related occupations has many wondering if it is sustainable? There are areas where the US continues to expand in the health-related fields, the baby boomers are starting to die off and there is going to be a lull in care. Of course, many are there to point out there will be a new group following them given that the shadow boomers sit right behind Generation X. This leads everyone to the conclusion that preventative health care is even more important. There will not be as many people available to take care of the newly aging population, and so they need to be healthier than ever before.

Health-related professions are not going anywhere, no matter what happens with US health care reform. People will always need doctors, nurses and assistants in order to stay healthy and hospitals will always need a staff. The purpose of these staff members might alter, but at the end of the day it is forever a safe profession to pursue because the need never dies.

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What are Braces for, Anyway?

Posted on Nov 28, 2012

Braces – the sheer mention of this dental tool brings into our mind images of unsightly metal bands or brackets that some of us as kids had to wear in our mouths for straightening the teeth coalition in the oral cavity. Till date, they are used for the same purpose. But thankfully enough, conspicuous or clunky these instruments are no more. New-age dental braces simplify the orthodontic procedure needed to align teeth in a line without eschewing the aesthetic appeal of the wearer. They are smaller in size and admittedly more comfortable to wear than their traditional counterparts. Almost all braces today accommodate a “low-profile design” that remains unassuming in appearance and does not irritate the gums/lips of the wearer. Colored dental elastics and rubber bands are typically available to give your mouth a unique and stylish look. What’s more, they also contain contours that are especially made to help the orthodontic procedure go quicker without incurring significant pain in its course.

Braces with Colored Elastics

Reasons to use Dental Braces

Although many people think that straightening out crooked teeth is possibly the only reason to put braces on, the fact is actually not that. Braces can be the savior solution for –

  • Realignment of teeth if the oral cavity is too “crowded” (Class I)
  • Fixing “overbites” when teeth across the upper arch are positioned over the lower ones (Class II)
  • Fixing “under-bites” when the teeth across the lower arch are positioned above the upper ones(Class III)
  • Fixing “cross-bites” when teeth across the lower/upper arches are placed haphazardly above/below one another along their length.
  • Fixing ‘space problems’ amongst teeth that cause hindrance in the course of biting/chewing food.

Orthodontic treatments to fix teeth alignment and bite also involve the usage of rubber bands for braces by dentists to aid in the rectification of the malocclusion.

While dental braces are the most commonly used braces to people’s knowledge, it can come as a surprising revelation to many that braces are used for other purposes too, like correcting postures or relieving pain from an overused elbow.

Posture Braces

Posture braces are very popular corrective posture supports that are available in the form of wide, belted girdles with adjustable belts for perfect fit and support. Such a brace is prescribed to correct and maintain healthy postures in patients by providing adequate support to the back muscles in the upper and the lower area. By using it, the muscles are aligned into their right normal position and given back enhanced strength and agility. Since the ‘core’ stays engaged once the posture brace is worn, maintaining a steady posture comes naturally.

These braces are mostly used to correct posture deformities like hunched shoulders, stooping backs and age-related posture problems. They are also used for enhancing muscular stability in the back post some kind of back-injury.

All posture braces come attached with fasteners which can be comfortably adjusted to the requirements of the wearer. Wearing such a brace while you practice steadiness in posture can act as an aid to assist your body in regaining back its normal posture and mobility.

Tennis Elbow Brace

What is tennis elbow? Tennis elbow is a painful inflammatory condition of the tendon found in the external boundary of the elbow caused due to the excessive usage of the muscles of the lower arm. A Tennis elbow brace with proper design can ensure superior and faster healing of the area and also offer a soothing touch to the injured section of the elbow by putting the inflamed muscles into rest.

Tennis Elbow Brace

Technically, this provides a lateral counter-force to the area, thereby reducing the severity of muscle contraction and cutting down on the trauma inflicted on the elbow muscle attachments.

It also provides comfort and warmth to the arm by enhancing blood circulation. With increased circulation, bigger amounts of nutrients/oxygen are distributed towards the tendons, encouraging it to heal at a faster pace.

Wearing such a brace is also one way of ensuring that no further injury gets afflicted on the area and the healing procedure is accelerated to the best. Doctors recommend using a properly designed elbow brace for treatment as anything which is too tight or excessively loose will not be able to provide the support needed. Tennis elbow braces with adjustable belts are the best ones to buy.

Prices of Braces

Prices of braces are seen to vary widely with the type and variety that you choose. For instance, while metal braces are the cheapest, clear and lingual braces cost more. Dental insurance coverage however can bring braces to you at a friendlier price.

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Why Everyone Chooses SUVs Over Cars

Posted on Nov 22, 2012

Nothing beats having your own vehicle. Having one means you will no longer have to rely on mass transportation, and the entire world is an open road. It provides for tons of advantages if you are the one behind the wheel. However, there are numerous types of cars that you can choose from, and probably the biggest decision that you will have to make with regards to this matter is whether you’ll be getting an SUV or a sedan. This article will weigh in on why an SUV is a better alternative as compared to a sedan.

An SUV, or Sports Utility Vehicle, is typically defined as a mid-sized car with four wheel drive capabilities. It provides a sporty design combined with powerful towing capabilities, similar to a light truck, while also providing a comfortable ride for a bigger number of passengers and cargo. While some sedans have come out that provide more space and more powerful engines, SUVs are still the vehicle of choice when it comes to large families that are always on the go. If you’re in the market, there are plenty of SUV reviews & comparisons at

Some sedan fans would also argue that you would be able to save more on smaller vehicles due to high gas prices, but now, SUVs also come with fuel efficiency features that will make this argument mundane. Also, SUVs offer safety features such as a stronger frame and a heavier weight, which will better protect the driver as well as passengers when it comes to collisions.

SUV vs. Car

In recent times, pricing with regards to SUVs are also at par with some luxury sedans, and prices for transmission maintenance and repair such as flushing transmission fluid are slowly becoming level with more mainstream sedans. See for more information on that matter. Thus, SUVs have become much more low maintenance and are much more affordable to keep than ever before. Add to this its high storage capacity and four wheel drive capabilities and you have a vehicle that is perfect for large families that love to travel.

For a bachelor, having a sedan is a sign of luxury, while having an SUV exudes more of a sporty and adventurous personality. SUVs can also take you to places that sedans cannot, giving you a much wider choice of places to travel to, as off-roads and uneven terrains are a cinch for SUVs to traverse. These are but some of the reasons why SUVs remain superior to sedans, although sedans to still have some of their strong points such as a lower center of gravity as well as easier maneuvering capabilities.

In conclusion, while SUVs are better for people who can foresee having a large number of people riding with them and would like to provide a more “all around” functionality for the vehicle of choice, the choice as to which vehicle to purchase relies solely on the consumer himself. He would have to weigh different factors such as aesthetics, power, fuel efficiency, and many more in order to find the right car for him. In this humble author’s mind, however, as long as it runs and can serve whatever purpose having a vehicle for that you have in mind, then that is a good deal any day.

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