Cafe Humana

Posted on Sep 5, 2012

The World’s Only Coffee Company Dedicating
100% of Net Proceeds
to Promote Global Sustainability.”

What would be possible if just a fraction of corporate profits were donated to the service of the greater good?

They were not the first to ask this question but they were one of the very few pioneers who actively looked for answers to it by trying to create a new paradigm where people’s everyday purchases became the sustaining funding for philanthropic endeavors.

By supplying a selection of the world’s finest sustainably-produced coffees and chocolates, it was their goal to promote sustainability in every aspect of what they did and to foster it in others. In doing so, they focused as much on quality and customer service as they did their core mission of promoting global sustainability through conservation and education.

It was their goal to prove that through responsible business practices – from producer to consumer – they could offer people a chance to vote for a brighter future. Every purchase made through Cafe Humana was a vote for a new way of doing business and also a vote for the environment by allowing them to carry out their mission. It’s that simple.

They roasted only the finest sustainably produces coffees from around the world and Theo chocolates…well…they’re just amazing.