Why Everyone Chooses SUVs Over Cars

Posted on Nov 22, 2012

Nothing beats having your own vehicle. Having one means you will no longer have to rely on mass transportation, and the entire world is an open road. It provides for tons of advantages if you are the one behind the wheel. However, there are numerous types of cars that you can choose from, and probably the biggest decision that you will have to make with regards to this matter is whether you’ll be getting an SUV or a sedan. This article will weigh in on why an SUV is a better alternative as compared to a sedan.

An SUV, or Sports Utility Vehicle, is typically defined as a mid-sized car with four wheel drive capabilities. It provides a sporty design combined with powerful towing capabilities, similar to a light truck, while also providing a comfortable ride for a bigger number of passengers and cargo. While some sedans have come out that provide more space and more powerful engines, SUVs are still the vehicle of choice when it comes to large families that are always on the go. If you’re in the market, there are plenty of SUV reviews & comparisons at www.bestsmallsuvhelp.com.

Some sedan fans would also argue that you would be able to save more on smaller vehicles due to high gas prices, but now, SUVs also come with fuel efficiency features that will make this argument mundane. Also, SUVs offer safety features such as a stronger frame and a heavier weight, which will better protect the driver as well as passengers when it comes to collisions.

SUV vs. Car

In recent times, pricing with regards to SUVs are also at par with some luxury sedans, and prices for transmission maintenance and repair such as flushing transmission fluid are slowly becoming level with more mainstream sedans. See www.TransmissionFluidFlushHelp.com for more information on that matter. Thus, SUVs have become much more low maintenance and are much more affordable to keep than ever before. Add to this its high storage capacity and four wheel drive capabilities and you have a vehicle that is perfect for large families that love to travel.

For a bachelor, having a sedan is a sign of luxury, while having an SUV exudes more of a sporty and adventurous personality. SUVs can also take you to places that sedans cannot, giving you a much wider choice of places to travel to, as off-roads and uneven terrains are a cinch for SUVs to traverse. These are but some of the reasons why SUVs remain superior to sedans, although sedans to still have some of their strong points such as a lower center of gravity as well as easier maneuvering capabilities.

In conclusion, while SUVs are better for people who can foresee having a large number of people riding with them and would like to provide a more “all around” functionality for the vehicle of choice, the choice as to which vehicle to purchase relies solely on the consumer himself. He would have to weigh different factors such as aesthetics, power, fuel efficiency, and many more in order to find the right car for him. In this humble author’s mind, however, as long as it runs and can serve whatever purpose having a vehicle for that you have in mind, then that is a good deal any day.